Stick war


Stick war game

You are about to play Stick war unblocked game, the biggest fun game to play and most challenging as well. Get yourself ready to have a battle with those people who want to dominate you, and want to rule on you. The characters in the game are stick based, there are different portions and the different characters in the game. You have a great army, you need to control the army, every unit of the army is totally different, you need to control all of them to make a battle life living.

Get your army prepared for the battle:

Build your army units, have the complete control over the mine gold unit, which will allow you to collect the gold to support the other portions of the army.

Learn the way how to fight with Sword, and gather your sword army at one place.

Like the way, Spear, Archer, Mage, and Giant are equally important to win the battle against those who want to put their beliefs on you by force.

In this, Stick War game, you can have what you were searching for.

Mean to say, you have to get your money by yourself, you need to control the army by yourself and you have to make plans to get your enemies down on your feet by yourself.

Play Stick war free:

Each nation has proud of unique craft and traditions if someone tries to demolish that traditions, you should not sit idle to do anything against him

You are the leader of the nations, and nations await your order to accomplish, you should be calculative to give those orders accordingly situations.

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