If you haven’t had your fill of survival games, Keen Games invites you to explore the fantasy world of Emberveil in their new game, Enshrouded.

The project’s name may sound familiar to those who followed last year’s Autumn Festival of demos on Steam, where the game emerged as the triumph of the event, surpassing all other contenders.

All the genre’s essential features are present in Enshrouded. Players start as naked and destitute characters, searching for resources, crafting tools, building shelters, and battling the supernatural and bosses. To distinguish itself from similar projects, the developers decided to make the entire world voxel-based. This means players can indulge in terraforming and construct castles not from a dull set of walls and roofs.

Here are a few more details about the game:

  • Local cooperative play supports up to 16 players.
  • Players can individually level up by choosing skills without being restricted to a specific class. Although many abilities suggest obvious choices for a mage, warrior, ranger, or rogue.
  • Local fauna and monsters will not attack the player’s dwelling.
  • Players can populate their castle with various NPCs who provide access to new resources and even offer a few quests.
  • The player’s character won’t die from thirst or hunger, but their stats will be reduced.

Currently, the project is only available on PC (Steam).

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