Cataclismo is a hybrid of real-time strategy and tower defense. Digital Sun, the game development studio renowned for the roguelike Moonlighter, has announced that its new creation will launch in the second quarter of 2024.

While initially set to be published by Humble Games, Cataclismo will now be published by Digital Sun itself. According to Javi Gimenez, the studio’s boss, his team has long aspired for independence:

At Digital Sun, we started small, creating games for others. We’ve always looked up to studios like Supergiant and Klei, who appear truly independent. We dream of the opportunity to publish our own games and engage directly with players. Cataclismo is the next step toward realizing that dream.

The game unfolds in a ravaged world, where players must defend the last bastion of humanity against invaders. Construct fortresses, seek resources, optimize production, train and deploy troops—the building mechanics are inspired by LEGO, where structures are assembled from individual bricks.

Cataclismo features a 30-hour narrative campaign with voiceovers and cutscenes. Additionally, it offers skirmish mode, a survival mode, and a cozy sandbox where players can rebuild without constraints, as monsters do not attack the base.

Cataclismo will be available on PC (Steam), and a demo version is already accessible.

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