In a recent discussion about the game “Indiana Jones,” a frame featuring the Quake series logo flashed by. Some fans believe that MachineGames is hinting at a continuation of the series, which aligns with rumors circulating a couple of years ago.

When the topic of mysteries in “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” arose, a frame with a board, presumably used to devise these puzzles, was inserted into the video. In the blurred section of the frame, the Quake logo and a portion of the text, “AKE 6,” can be seen. The speculation arises as to why “Quake 6” is mentioned when there hasn’t been a numbered installment after the fourth. The prevailing theory suggests that Quake Champions, a free-to-play multiplayer reboot developed collaboratively by id and Saber Interactive, is considered the fifth installment.

Why MachineGames might indeed be working on a new Quake:

MachineGames has already been involved in the series by releasing “Dimension of the Past” and “Dimension of the Machine,” two new episodes for the original Quake, included in the game’s 2021 reissue.

MachineGames successfully took over one of id’s franchises, Wolfenstein.

The current activities of id are unknown, having released DOOM Eternal four years ago and concluded active support for the game in October 2021. There is a possibility that the studio is actively participating in the joint revival of Quake, with MachineGames handling the single-player portion and id managing the multiplayer aspect.

Rumors from two years ago:

Two years ago, a co-host of the XboxEra podcast shared the following:

  • Quake series is being rebooted.
  • MachineGames is working on the reboot, with id providing support.
  • The protagonist will be a female character.
  • The game will feature both a single-player mode and multiplayer.

As hope for a new Quake reemerges, fans are now pondering the style of the upcoming installment. Over the years, the franchise has explored various styles: the first Quake had a Lovecraftian theme, the second and fourth were in a sci-fi setting, while the third and Quake Champions blended styles, adding a touch of Doom. The question remains: which of these styles will be chosen for the theoretical Quake 6?

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